Tobacco free nicotine pouches are small, oral bags that fit easily between your upper lip and gums to deliver a nicotine buzz through the skin. The comfortable, smokeless pouches are white, discreet and spit-free. Much like herbal smokes, nicotine free snus helps the users to cut down their tobacco consumption. Tobacco & nicotine free pouches use a mixture of herbs and flavours so as to create a sweet experience like that experienced when using regular snus and there are a wide range of brands and flavours available. The most popular brands include Grinds, Choice, KickUp, and Onico. Each of these brands has a wide range of flavors available.

Best tobacco free pouches

There are currently a lot of tobacco free pouches in the market but one must choose a brand that offers quality for your money. Some of the best tobacco free pouches include Smokey Mountain Pouches, Black Buffalo, BaccOff Wintergreen Pouches and Teaza Energy. However, there are some things one should consider when choosing tobacco free snus and nicotine products. These include the price of the product to avoid overspending, the quality to avoid pouches that easily tear and one should double-check the product to ensure you buy nicotine free pouches as they might be some resemblance with those that contain nicotine.

nicotine-free pouches

Difference between tobacco-free pouches and nicotine-free snus

What is the difference between snus and pouches? A snus is a little bag containing a moist powder of smokeless tobacco leaves. It is put between your lips and gums for extended periods to deliver a nicotine hit through the gums. Snus is usually chosen because they are discrete, don’t produce smoke and are spit-free. Nicotine Pouches are similar to snus; they are tiny portion bags that are placed between your lip and gum for extended periods to deliver nicotine through the gums. The smokeless pouches are also discrete and spit-free. Different from snus, nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco and are usually described as tobacco free snus.