There are several reasons why you might wish to make your own snus at home. It may be that your country restricts the importation of snus, or you just want to experiment. No matter the motivation, making snus is quite easy when you follow the many snus recipes available. Using normal kitchen appliances including an oven, weighing scales and measuring container, you can have your snus in no time. However, it’s worth noting that the final weight and moisture content of the snus will depend on the amount of water you use. Hence, you might need to experiment a little bit to get the moisture content you like.


Snus is basically made from tobacco, salt, water, alkali, flavouring and additives. The tobacco is usually in the form of a fine powder which can be purchased. There are numerous tobacco blends and varieties available, so this will depend on your tastes and preferences. With the water, avoid chlorinated tap water because this might lead to undesirable tastes in the final snus. Instead, go for bottled spring water. In addition to this, try to avoid regular table salt containing iodine and choose kosher salt or sea salt. When preparing the snus, the alkali (sodium carbonate) will be needed to raise its PH.


First and foremost, boil the water containing salt. After cooling, mix this water with the tobacco-powder to form a mixture. Then, put the mixture in a glass bowl and bake it in the oven at a temperature of about 90ÂșC for 24 to 40 hours. Ideally, the heat treatment should be at a lower temperature for a longer time. However, you can still achieve satisfactory results with shorter times and higher temperatures. In the course of baking, your snus will change in character, colour and smell. After this, add the alkali (sodium carbonate), the additive and your favourite flavour to your taste.