Snus is a smokeless oral tobacco that is placed at the bottom of the upper lip. Currently, there are different varieties of snus, which make choosing snus suitable for you a bit complicated. To choose the best snus, you need to consider several factors. These features include flavour strength, format, nicotine content, moisture content as well as the PH. Snus can either be loose or portion. Loose snus is commonly used by many people. It is manufactured from grounded tobacco divided into three main varieties, coarse, medium, and fine grind. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before using snus.

Flavour and Strengths

Flavour is essential in snus to create a good experience for the user. This flavour is dominant in most snus products except the all-white type. There are two primary flavours in snus; smoke aroma and a mint flavour. Those with tobacco and smoke taste can be further flavoured with whiskey, licorice and bergamot to create a good synergy with tobacco. Strengths of snus range from different levels depending on nicotine concentration. Level one has a normal taste, while level four is considered to be ultra-strong. Dots indicate strength levels on the package. When choosing pouches, consider the strength and flavour that will match your requirements.

Moisture and PH

Moisture affects the amount of nicotine the user will absorb. If you need high amounts of tobacco content to be absorbed, you need to choose a moist pouch. The same rule is also applicable in the PH of the pouch. The higher the PH in a nicotine pouch, the higher the nicotine content absorbed. Normal users need to choose pouches with average PH. Extensive users that need a high content of nicotine in their bodies can choose higher PH. Ensure that you read the information on the pouch or visit the manufactures website to get more information before buying or using snus products.