There are about 150 snus types categorized by its format, strength, and taste. By using strength, snus is divided into 3 types. First is the Original Regular strength, which is wet and its flavour is released in the mouth more quickly and stronger. The second group is the White Regular Strength, which is white in colour. Its flavour is released in the mouth more slowly, generally softer, and doesn’t stain the teeth like the original regular strength. These two have a low amount of nicotine compared to the last group. The last category is the extra strong snus. This type has high nicotine levels of 12-24 mg per portion.

Buying Extra Strong Snus

When buying extra-strong flavoured snus, one has to bear in mind several things. The first thing is your preference. By this, the buyer has to know whether he or she wants extra strong snus that is all white, in nicotine pouches, in the original portion, a white portion, or loose snus. Next, one needs to know the flavour they want. Flavours available are mint, eucalyptus, fruit, berries, and citrus. For example, the General Extra Strong Portion has a classic taste of citrus and fuller tobacco with elements of citrus and pepper. It has a flavour of bergamot, citrus, and tobacco.

More on the Strength of Extra Strong Snus

Evaluation of the strength of snus is also done through product factors such as moisture content as well as the pH levels. The moister the snus, the more nicotine the user is able to absorb, hence the stronger the product. This rule also applies to the pH levels – the higher the pH, the more nicotine can be absorbed. Individual factors such as how one uses the snus and the amount of saliva one produces also determine the strength. Furthermore, to maintain the moisture and pH levels of snus, it’s sold and stored refrigerated. These also help retain its flavour.