Snus was created as a fine loose cut tobacco that was added ingredients and flavours over time in order to preserve it. Through preservation, its taste also improved. Some snus products undergo pasteurisation during manufacturing so as to reduce the microbes that form nitrate in the product. This results in a lower content of nitrosamine in the product. Many snus products have been tried since 2006 in the USA and many are offered in mint flavour. It is also sold in Sweden in an array of mint flavours. These loose cut tobacco or pre-portioned packs are referred to as the mint non tobacco pouches.

What to consider before buying mint flavoured snus

The mint flavored snus has become readily available on the market, thus facilitating its use to replace toxic cigarettes. Users have found it more convenient in terms of taste, odour and much more. Flavoured snus product is often preferred and used by the youths at a higher rate. A study shows that cigarette smokers opt for flavoured snus, especially the mint flavoured, as their top preference. The regulatory interest plays a role in characterising flavours in both the USA and EU, hence developing assessing methods of flavouring and awareness. According to the study, most current smokers who have had prior experience with snus showed great preference for mint flavour.


Research shows that mint flavoured snus products is favoured mostly by the youth and also a key preference of smokers. The flavours may be essential and interesting to cigarette smokers as it is readily available on the market. Most snus users prefer sweet flavours and based on the demography, youths who opt for electronic cigarettes tend to love the high mint flavouring. The sweet flavour is said to initiate carbohydrate consumption, hence being highly in demand on the market, increasing mint flavour usage on the graph. In conclusion, the production of flavoured snus has increased the number of users in the market, making it a high selling product.