Making home-made snus saves a lot of money when compared to buying it. Despite having a long history and straightforward making process, many consumers are not aware that they can grow and make eco-friendly snus by themselves. You can choose from the different types of tastes to achieve your favourite snus combination. For instance, you might decide to have a combination of ginger and honey or orange, whisky, apricot, cinnamon and cardamom. You can also choose to give your snus a smoky texture. Home-made snus, therefore, allows you to make snus that suits your needs. In this article, we will explore how to make snus at home.

How to Make Snus

First of all, the process of making snus is very simple and straightforward. Anybody can do it as long as they are willing to learn and understand the basics. The whole process from growing to harvesting and making snus takes at least six months. But fortunately for you, to make quality snus you can also use tobacco powder which you can purchase from a shop. In addition to the powder, you will need salt and water. you will also be required to have glycerine and sodium carbonate. Once you have acquired everything, you are ready to prepare snus. However, you need to follow the correct steps.

Guy holding snus


The first step is to boil salt and water. After it has boiled, mix the water with tobacco powder. The mixture is placed in the oven for between 24 and 40 hours at a temperature of 90 degrees. You can still achieve good results with higher temperatures at a shorter period of time. During baking, snus changes its smell, and colour. After the heating process is done, boil some water and sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate regulates the level of acidity in snus. You can then add glycerine which moisturises the snus and adds flavour. This process will deliver quality snus.