If you like using snus, you might have, at one time or another, thought about making it yourself. But is the process easy? Well, snus is made from tobacco. Even all-white nicotine pouches are made using extracts from tobacco. So the first thing you will need to consider before you can start making your own snus from scratch is how to grow tobacco. But before we dive into discussing how to go about it, you need to first consider the legality of growing tobacco in your country. We recommend that you should contact your local agricultural extension agent or the ministry or department of agriculture in your country.

How to Grow Tobacco

If you need tobacco grow your own. The good thing about the tobacco plant is that it can grow on almost any kind of soil, but it’s always suggested that you grow it on a soil that drains well. Depending on the type of soil you use, the tobacco plant may be lighter or darker in colour. To grow tobacco, you can sprinkle some tobacco seed onto the surface of a sterile seed starting mix and water it lightly. The tobacco should be stored indoors for 4 to 6 weeks before being transplanted into a larger pot. To help the plant grow faster and healthy, water the soil frequently.

Plant of tobacco

Turning Tobacco to Snus

The previous section has answered the question “how do you grow tobacco?”. This section will give you insight into how to turn your tobacco plant to snus. To get started, you will need to get a snus paper that is made from 100% fibre from a trusted brand of your choice. You can then extract snus from your tobacco using any technique that you prefer and fill it into the snus paper/bag that you’ve already cut. After that, go ahead and seal the snus paper using a heat source such as a curling iron and start enjoying your own self-made snus.