Nicotine pouches are essential for smokers wherever smoking is banned, like in offices, on airplanes, restaurants, and so on. If you are a true beginner then you may need to learn about using nicotine pouches properly. There are different types available on the market and it is best to choose one that’s satisfying, but not too strong. You can safely store them at room temperature, and there is no need to refrigerate them. While traveling abroad, always be sure to check the rules and regulations that apply to nicotine in the country you are visiting. Follow the guidelines below to know how to use snus pouches.

Put one pouch under your upper lip

Nicotine pouches how to use procedure is easy. Open the child-resistant lid and lift a pouch out of the tin by the corner with your thumb and index fingers. Lift your upper lip with your other hand to place the snus pouch between your gums and lip. Rearrange the pouch if necessary. You can also place the pouch near the tip of your tongue and slide it into place. Usually, nicotine pouches are placed at either the right or the left corner of the mouth, rather than in the middle. With experience, you will be able to put in a snus pouch swiftly.

Keep the pouch in and enjoy

Different companies of snus pouches come with different amounts of nicotine in different strengths. The time and effect it takes for a pouch to come to its end vary accordingly. It is advisable to keep the pouch in for 15 minutes to one hour. While using a nicotine pouch, you can talk as usual and swallow your saliva as you normally do. It is not going to upset your stomach, but never swallow the pouch as it contains nicotine. If you do, it will eventually make you vomit. When you are finished, simply dispose of the pouch in the nearest bin.