Nicotine pouches mainly contain nicotine extracted from the Nicotiana tabacum plant, natural fibres, chew-base grade fillers and flavours. To make nicotine pouches there is a need to have the following: nicotine powder which is of high quality, stable nicotine salt mostly having a pH adjusting agent, and at least one filler agent. Pouches should be water-insoluble but permeable to saliva and can hold dissolved parts of the powder. Lastly, the flavour preferred is tea which gives the nicotine pouches a tobacco-like flavour. Natural fibres, nicotine, small amounts of chewing gum base and flavours blend to make the pouches a soft touch and perfectly fit under the lip.

Procedure For Making Nicotine Pouches

To make the pouches one needs to have a filt-pouch paper that is made from 100% fiber. This comes in a 3-metre roll that is easy to portion. You then decide which size and shape of the pouch to make by choosing the length, cutting the sheet of paper, and finally fitting them together. To weld, the paper, use tape only leaving one end open to put in the nicotine powder. After filling with powder, close the one end left open also using tape. It’s possible to also use tissue paper, tea bags or similar paper to make makeshift nicotine pouches.

The Flavor of Nicotine Pouches

The taste of homemade nicotine pouches is determined by either adding an essential, essence oil or spices such as pepper and cinnamon at the beginning of the procedure, though this is optional. Mostly the taste of homemade pouches is a nice subtle taste. Oils are added in small quantities to avoid making the powder unusually wet but it’s preferable to the dry spices. Some people prefer a tobacco-like flavour; use tea to achieve this. Also, the use of other spices such as eucalyptus, citrus, mint, and fruit flavours such as berries favourable by many users though what you choose is personal preference.