Snus through the ages

The snus history that is used today dates back to about 200 years ago. Back then, farmers had groves that they used to make their own snuff. A couple of hundred years before this, in the 1400s, Christopher Columbus sailed o the island of Hispaniola and noticed natives inhaling a powder. The natives called this substance nasal snuff. The snuff contained tobacco, and the sailors carried tobacco plants back to Portugal and other European countries such as France. Back then tobacco plants were believed to have medicinal value, such as the curing of migraines. For instance, nasal snuff was adopted by the French court in the 1500s as medicine.

historical world map

Snus is Born

Towards the 1600s nasal snuff made its way in Sweden after influence from France. At the time it was considered a luxurious item that was purely used by the upper class. By the time the French revolution happened, the use of nasal snuff decreased in France, as those who took power preferred cigars. The use of tobacco in Sweden also changed, thus giving birth to Swedish snus. Snus almost erased the chewing of tobacco and use of nasal snuff completely, as it had a cheaper manufacturing process. Although production of snus was done by farmers in the beginning, it was later adopted by manufacturers.

Snus Today

By the 1900s the consumption of snus was constantly increasing and the tobacco industry was becoming prosperous. For instance, thousands of tons of snus were sold to finance the Swedish military during the first world war. Currently, snus is available in a variety of flavours and styles. From once being tobacco based only, the snus product is even moving into new territory offering nicotine only snus pouches as well with no tobacco inside, ensuring users from all over can enjoy snus. As such, there’s truly a snus for everyone be it a tobacco flavour, strong nicotine hit, or a fruity flavour.

How snus looks today